CRISTALDO Associates interpreting for RELIPER managers at STREAMLIGHT'S International Conference Norristown, PA. November 2011

We have worked with several city of Philadelphia agencies as well as non profits in the tri-state area, mainly assisting LEP clients for most of the last decade. Our clients speak Arabic, Tagalog, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Bengali. Cristaldo Interpreters have a proven track record with us, and NEVER failed to deliver interpreters who were punctual, prepared, and professional. I have worked with other agencies in the past, and what makes Cristaldo Interpreters special is Azucena and her interpreters who are very personable and patient. I highly recommend her services to save the time and trouble of going through many of the agencies in the Philadelphia area. John Hoff (MSW)

Service Category: Malayalam Interpreting Services
By Shari Bernstein,  Salmon, Ricchezza, Singer & Turchi LLP
Response from the owner: Thank you Ms Bernstein for your review.

By George Porter

Cristaldo Interpreters and Translators are by far the best interpreters and translators I have worked with in the Philadelphia metro area and I am very happy to have a chance to sing their praises. I began working with CRISTALDO Interpreters, three years ago and what a change from other companies we have worked with over the years! My office now works closely with CRISTALDO Interpreting services and found scheduling to be easy and prompt in their replies to our requests, questions, and concerns. We are very impressed with their capacity to respond to urgent, short-notice requests for interpreters. Azucena's interpreters are punctual, professional, certified and well trained, and they are very effective with our clients in the field. Cristaldo interpreters develop a good working rapport with our staff and the families we serve; often our case managers and/or clients will request specific interpreters by name. They understand our work, our personnel objectives, as well as the families and children we serve. We emphatically recommend CRISTALDO interpreting services, without hesitation, to providers of therapies and services for children in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties, or to any other organization working with early intervention services. 


(Translated by Google) Dear Azucena Kindest regards, thank you very much for everything. Francine is an excellent professional in your area and as a human being wonderful person. Thank you very much to you and Francine, your company provides excellent service and has excellent professionals. Francisca Rivadeneira (Original) Estimada Azucena Reciba un cordial saludo, muchas gracias por todo. Francine es una excelente profesional en su area y como persona un ser humano maravilloso. Muchas gracias a usted y a Francine, su compañía brinda un excelente servicio y tiene excelentes profesionales. Francisca Rivadeneira



Service Category: Interpreting Services
Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
By James Wrable & Associates/Philadelphia Applied Psychology Associates"
Details of the Recommendation:  "My company has been utilizing CRISTALDO Language Services for the last ten years and they are presently the only Language Translation-Interpretation Service we use and prefer as well, having tried several others over the years and to have found a significant difference in skills, quality and professionalism in all realms and needs. Our practice has had to utilize a wide range of interpreters from Cristaldo and often times those that are rather rare-exotic and which surprisingly Cristaldo was not only able to find but provide with the same high level of service found from their Spanish, French & Asian associates. We have found their translators-interpreters to provide a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, work skills and proper translation-interpretation skills and certification that has made the often difficult translation of medical tests and terminology a fluid and consistently correct result allowing us to feel confident in our evaluations, procedures and results. We highly recommend them and look forward to a continuing collaboration.


Service Category: Interpreting Services
By Jill Mullin, LCSW

I have used Cristaldo interpreters when conducting home-based assessments for clients of various cultural backgrounds.  I have been very impressed with the quality of their services. Interpreters are professional, highly effective, and respectful of the clients.  Details and nuances are not lost between assessor and client, as the interpreters ensure full understanding of questions/statements before relating them thoroughly to the client. I value the presence of Cristaldo interpreters during these appointments. They are gifted in helping to bridge a productive relationship between myself and the client, while remaining neutral and professional in their roles. The interpreters understand the behavioral health field and are always very supportive of the process, providing relevant information along the way and answering any questions that arise. I would recommend Cristaldo Interpreting Services without hesitation.


By Susan M

Azucena and her team at Cristaldo Associates have always provided prompt, courteous, knowedgeable and compassionate language translation services to our clients. I work for a local county social services agency and am responsible for securing language services for our clients who do not speak English. I have used CRISTALDO Associates exclusively for our interpreter needs and she as always been available and has NEVER let us down, come rain or an extreme snowstorm. Our clients are put at ease by her gentleness and caring and the barriers between languages fall, making a tough interview run smoothly.Once, for a second visit with a psychiatric professional, a client asked for Azucena to be there since he felt at ease with her. My social workers repeatedly ask for her specifically and on two occasions have changed their appointment dates so Azucena could fit them in her schedule. Her level of professionalism and dedication is rarely seen. I feel fortunate to have found her and encourage others who wish to provide this service to their clients contact Azucena. She is the BEST at her profession.


By O. Roberts


CRISTALDO Associates, Inc. interpreters have been my "go to" company for nearly 10 years. I have used the services of their Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Korean interpreters and they have been professional beyond reproach. Whether it is a document translation or an interpreting assignment, they are always punctual, courteous, professional, and go above and beyond the call of duty when I need a quick turnaround of their services. National companies I have hired do not offer the personal touch I get from Azucena and her staff. They are sensitive to the special needs of my clients on sensitive medical and legal matters, and I have developed a good working relationship with her interpreters. Many large companies have a high turnover of interpreters making it tough to develop a regular working relationship with any one staff member, while this is not the case with Cristaldo and Associates. I am happy I finally found a forum to sing her praises. I highly recommend their services.

By President at J. F. Smith & Associates, LLC


Translation Services
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

CRISTALDO Associates has provided document translation services to our clients on a number of occasions. My company, J. F. Smith & Associates provides a wide range of consulting services but not translation. When we use outside resources, it is important that they uphold the same high quality standards as we do. Recently, CRISTALDO Associates translated a service manual into both French and Spanish for a very important client. The manual required an understanding of technical terms and consumer products. The team at CRISTALDO Associates made sure to understand which dialects were required and provided top quality work on time. The owner, Azucena, was very responsive to our client’s questions or requests for changes. Our clients were very pleased. 

By J. Tumberello CRNP, PhD


I have had the opportunity to work with interpreters from CRISTALDO Associates for almost three years. Having previously worked in the delivery of health care internationally and having the opportunity of working with many United Nations' interpreters, I feel these people are outstanding. I can say that for each interpreter, whether it be on behalf of patients/clients from Russia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam; or those individuals from Central American and South American Countries. All the interpreters demonstrated an exceptional level of professional agility in serving the communication requirements at each and every encounter. Sometimes I had the good fortune to be accompanied by CRISTALDO Associates' president, Ms. Azucena Cristaldo herself, who demonstrates remarkable linguistic skills in a broad range of languages and dialects.


By Kelly Moseng, LSW


I have used CRISTALDO Associates translation services several times in the past year and a half and have never had a problem with any of the translators. The company, and its staff, provide services with integrity, respect and compassion for the consumers that I work with. They are always on time and very professional.The company provides translation and interpretation services for multiple languages, not just one or two. I highly recommend this company to any persons or company in need of translation/interpretation services.


By I. Quick-Evans, MSW, LSW


Since 2007, I have had the privilege of working collaboratively with CRISTALDO Associates in providing assistance to all MPP clients who have limited proficiency with the English language and are deemed eligible for Social Security benefits. I think this is a great company that provides a much needed service.

I supervise case managers who provide on-going case-management services to a population that has many barriers and limited resources. We have come to depend on CRISTALDO Associates interpreting services as their the staff is very competent and delivers what my case managers needs to assist the client in applying for Social Security or appealing a decision on a Social Security claim. The case manager may require the services of an interpreter for each visit they make with a non-English speaking consumer.  We have never had a no-show. The interpreters has extended themselves beyond providing translations or interpreting, as they have educated myself and the case managers about the client’s culture, culture norms and barriers. This has lead to us being able to provide more effective and efficient services.

This is a company which, I highly recommend. I am so impressed with the services that I and my case managers have received, that I have advocated that other agencies who also work with our clients, utilize this company to maintain a continuity of service for the consumer. The client’s feedback is that they felt better served by us when we were accompanied by a Cristaldo Associate employee.

By Jesse Shafer

Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations at Philadelphia University


Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

On the verge of my first business trip to Asia, Azucena and her colleagues at Cristaldo Associates proved to be invaluable colleagues. Our business cards were translated expertly into Chinese in a timely manner. When I informed Azucena that I was checking her work with a native Chinese speaker, she welcomed the third-party input. To my satisfaction and relief, the high quality of Cristaldo Associates' work was affirmed. Throughout the process, Azucena and her team were easy to access and responsive. I would not hesitate to use them again, and highly recommend Cristaldo to those in need of translation services. 


Inez Quick, MSW, LSW


I think CRISTALDO Associates is a great company that provides a much needed service. For the past two years, my job has required me to need and utilize their services. My primary job function is to conduct in-home behavioral, mental health and substance abuse assessments on Philadelphia County Welfare referred clients. I have used this company services in providing me with a translator and interpreter to conduct assessments for multiple languages. The staff is very competent and delivers what I need. The interpreters always arrived on time. I have never had a non-show. They were efficient in their language and possessed the capabilities of communicating all information, verbal and non verbal communication between me and the client in a manner that assisted me in making a complete and accurate assessment of the client’s issues, needs and barriers. The owner provided the majority of interpreting services to me and my co- workers for the Hispanic natives who were assigned. When necessary they provided me and/or the client with telephonic interpreting services.

I am impressed with the level of professionalism that the owner and her employees have. I strongly recommend the use of this company to anyone needing to provide a service to a population in which they are unable to directly communicate with, as this company manages to remove the barriers that we encounter when faced with a client with limited English speaking skills.